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Technics sl-1200mk2

685$это на 6% дешевле, чем в магазинах
Technics sl-1200mk2
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Up for sale are a pair of matte black and chrome/silver Technic SL1200MK2 powder coated rims. They have been completely stripped and professionally powder coated. Powder coating is a hard paint job that will last a very long time. It is better than spray paint, even better than car paint. They have been tuned, calibrated and cleaned. You can see in the pictures below. They have blue LEDs for the pop-up light, 33/45 buttons, pitch control and blue for the on/off switch. They also have halos and LEDs under the pitch. They have been internally grounded and have brand new black rca cables. These rca cables are professional grade with 24k gold connectors. The Technics logos and all original text have been laser etched for a professional finish and durability. I used a black pitch control decal. This is a brand new pitch control decal. It also comes with brand new pitch controls. Both pitch controls have been calibrated to factory specifications. They have special DHC buttons on them. They are powder coated and laser etched. The tone levers and cymbals have also been tuned. These Technics are built like tanks and will last a long time. They have been tested with Serato, Traktor and with vinyl records and they work great!!! These turntables are in great working condition!!! They also include custom DHC 45 RPM metal chrome adapters. TECHNICS mats and slips are included. Please email me with any questions. This is a super clean Technic MK2 kit. They will be packaged with care, in one box. Shipping cost includes insurance, I will not ship them without insurance. They come with the standard 110v voltage. If you need a different voltage, you will have to purchase an external voltage converter. Or I can add an OEM voltage converter for an additional 150 euros per turntable. I have been working with Technics since 1990. I also do all repairs on Technics 1200 turntables. Keep in mind that these are a great set of 1200s. With proper care, they will last for many years. It's also a great investment since, as you already know, they no longer make this particular turntable. They are a collector's item, which means that their value will increase over time. They come from a non-smoking, pet-free facility. You will be the envy of all your friends with these 1200s. Take a look at the pictures and check out the details. They would make a great gift for yourself or someone special.
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