Элитные золотые часы

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Золотые, эксклюзивные часы марки бренд/
Механический калибр с ручным заводом ETA 6497-1 (Швейцария), гравированный корпус из материала на выбор, классический циферблат в технике горячей эмали, заводная головка с применением техники алмазная грань из материала корпуса с горячей эмалью, стрелки в форме мечей из материала на выбор, боковая секундная стрелка на 9 часов оригинальной формы, безель с гильоше и горячей эмалью, сапфировые стекла, ремешок из кожи аллигатора, диаметр корпуса 46 мм, высота 15 мм, водонепроницаемость до 30 метров (3 atm), гарантия производителя 3 года.

Skeletons - watch for gourmet. Details become free of superfluous metal. For Happy owner all secrets of watch work mechanism are revealed. The openwork weave of bridge, combination of movable and immovable elements for long time will draw your attention. Bridges are covered with gold, decorated with an engraving and expensive jewels. Skeletonization of the mechanism - the most difficult and expensive type of decoration. Absolute to wear this kind of watch very fashionable, but first of all they confirm high status of owner.
The main feature of a collection - picturesque dials. Are made manually by skilled artists of a miniature. Presented reproductions of well-known works and own plots. As a base we use nacre, hot enamel, minerals and other materials. The list is conducted by special ceramic or oil paints.
For one who appreciates laconic design. For experienced connoisseur of high work watch art. The main feature - classical dial executed in equipment of hot enamel. Estimate the most rich heritage and virtuous of possession of technique. We strictly follow invariable traditions since the XVIII century. Only elite watch are completed with classic enamel dial.
Watches are equipped with dials that are made in the techniques of guilloche, engraving or etching. It allows to create unique images and completely open all beauty of noble metal. Transfusion of reflections create a dainty game of light and enliven your watch. They become harmonious addition of the outstanding personality.

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