Фабрика по розливу воды

2 300 000 $

Dear Sirs,

We offer you a tender for sale of equipment and vaveden ready for exploitation, bottling plant for mineral water with a production reserved mark „VEGA”, property of Hemus Group LTD.
And ancillary works buildings are built on private land with an area of 6780 square meters. The terrain is located in the town Shivachevo area Tvarditsa Sliven. It consists of:
1.Administrativno - bit part, representing a massive two-storey building with a basement. Area of the building is 336.50 square meters, built with a volume of 1276 square meters and a water capacity of 1160 square meters. The building is equipped with the necessary equipment and technical feasibility is established for the implementation of administrative and managerial func / computers, warehouse-certified accounting software, satellite internet, telephone, air conditioning, etc. /
2. Production hall, which is a single storey building with mixed structure. Built up area is 644.16 square meters. Volume of the building is 4509 square meters. Introduced is ready for production and is equipped with necessary equipment:

- Bottling machine production cuts of 0330 l., 0.500l. and 1.500 liters of production capacity 4200 pcs. per hour.
- Bottling machine production 3l., 5l and 10 liters of production capacity in 2500 pcs. per hour.
- Bottling machine for filling 19 liter bottles with a working capacity of producing 1200 issue. per hour.
- label videodzhet machine marking.
- Palletizing.
- Needed to produce bottles shall be provided by the manufacturer with molds owned Hemus Group LTD.

Narmi met all requirements for hygiene and create conditions for safe and Health work, according to the requirements of Regulation № 7.
3. Warehouses, representing one-storey building and a mixed structure actual size 300.16 square meters in size 1200 sq meters. Has secured possibility of loading and unloading.
4. Failure - a building of 30 sq. m. built-up volume with 96 sq. meters. Equipped.
5. There are two buffer tanks with a capacity of 25 cubic meters, made of
stainless steel material and related to bottlers machines.
6. Space of 6 sq. meters installed and ready for service system further ozonation of the water.
7. Warm building and secured with a steam boiler and the installation of methane
installed in the basement of the office area.
- Postroikite are fireproof.
- Postroikite are protected by the earthquake.
- Postroikite elektrosnabdeni are under contract is an energy supplier.
- The water supply is the conduit for meneral water. label
-2 -

All equipment is built and request consistent with the Bulgarian legislation and consistent with the requirements of good manufacturing practices of the EU.

The concession for the abstraction of mineral water for bottling is a period of 35 years.

The cost of the complex is 6 000 000 euro without VAT.

For 51% of registered capital the price is 3 600 000 euro without VAT.

Thank you for your interest!

Тип объекта: коммерческая недвижимость
Расположение: у моря
Площадь дома: 1276.00кв.м.
Площадь участка: 6780.00сот.

Бургас, Болгария
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